Lessons with Jon

Teaching for me is a performance art. And when the student/teacher relationship is working well, the roles of teacher and student become one. I have never taught anyone anything. My role is to simply convince someone that it is time to strengthen a musical need by helping them see/hear that need. Than they are open to teach themselves. As with any relationship, both persons grow from a healthy one. I enjoy teaching both on a one to one basis as well as in workshop situations. My more than 50 years performing professionally in many genres and 41 years teaching experience at the Berklee College of Music has given me a rich resource to work from as a teacher.

Private Studies

Each student is so unique and I have to approach each student in that manner since I have students of all levels and idiomatic persuasions. To simplify my basic teaching philosophy, I try to inspire the student to create a balance between their instinctive and intellectual sides. I call this blend Intellinstinctual or Instinctuallectual. Another basic philosophy is to always play anything you ever play with total presence; never in a tired, bored manner. We are how we practice. It’s not how much you’ve got. It’s how well you use what you’ve got. I do have a private practice, a limited one, but please contact me if you would like to spend some time together.