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My new book Fresh Music is a Bill Frisell’s favorite go to

Jon’s first cartoon!!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoy my maiden voyage as a published cartoonist.  This cartoon was recently published in Berklee Today magazine centerfold page.



The Creative Workshop Ensemble Video in Italia!!

Here is a video of Jon in concert with one of his Creative Workshop Ensembles in Perugia, Italy. The comprovisation is titled The Coronation and is totally improvised from basic indications; no written music.  I hope you enjoy this inspired performance by this wonderful group. Thanks to my friend and translator Nicola Cordisco!

Here is the link on YouTube:

Creative Workshop in Italy

Rubbertellie Video at Bishop’s College School in Quebec

Here is a link for a Rubbertellie Video filmed at Bishop’s College School in Quebec. The performance includes a lecture about the origins and philosophy of the Rubbertellie, one of Jon’s inventions. The composition is Brother Sharpe composed by Jon for a dear friend D. Sharpe.

Telecaster modified to play “Brother Sharp”

I hope you like it!

Jon’s new book Fresh Music is now available!!

My new book  Fresh Music is now available. Fresh Music has really nice reviews already! The book chronicles the many years, since the 1970’s, of the Creative Workshop Ensemble(CreW) at Berklee College of music and internationally. Bill Frisell and Joe Cohn were in the very first CreW at Berklee in 1978. The book is for musicians, artists, and teachers. I wrote the book in the form of a play with characters, the CreW members, including myself, and regular dialog with the readers, virtual CreW members. The book invites the reader to join in with CreW activities, into the bubbling stew of CreW ideas inspired by everything in the universe, from alphabets to zodiacs! Real ‘getting out of the box’ ideas!!

Here are a few reviews:

“This is a brilliant book. Bursting with ideas about improvising and its teaching—in jazz, any music, dance, painting—life! You name it! Full of specifics, and full of a lively, collaborative, adventurous, humane approach to the making of almost anything.”

Eleanor Duckworth Professor of education, emerita, Harvard University; modern dancer; author of The Having of Wonderful Ideas: And Other Essays on Teaching and Learning

“I received the most valuable elements from Jon’s Creative Workshop, opening a door of endless creativity in me as a film composer and concert artist.”

Stephane Wrembel Composer of “Bistro Fada,” the theme for Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris

“I played in one of Jon Damian’s early Creative Workshop Ensembles. He showed me new ways of looking at what I already knew . . . turning them around and seeing them from a different angle. New possibilities. He opened the window and the door. He gave me the keys . . .  a rope to hang onto allowing larger leaps. To not be afraid of jumping off . . . to make mistakes . . . to learn. Jon has spent his life dedicated to finding truth, beauty, and expanding the imagination. His new book Fresh Music welcomes us all into this amazing world.”

Bill Frisell Grammy-winning guitarist

You can use your credit card or PayPal right here and ask for a signed copy!

You can also contact me directly if you would like a signed copy. Contact me at:


Jon Damian

The Creative Workshop Ensemble has a great semester!

The Creative Workshop Ensemble at Berklee College of Music was a lot of fun this semester. I had a great CreW to work with and the highlight was the production of an opera for my grand daughter Isabel Rose. Finger puppets in the guise of Louis Armstrong, Ms. Piggy, Marilyn Monroe, Puccini, and of course, myself, danced and sang their way through the opera. Thanks to the talents of creW members John, Colin, Tim and Bennett for helping to make the opera a magical event.

Jon in Australia

These are some shots made in Melbourne at NMIT of a concert and some lectures featuring Rubbertellie Murals in which I produce murals and sound art simultaneously.

Thanks for questions about my books!

Thank you so much for your questions concerning my books The Guitarists Guide to Composing and Improvising and The Chord Factory. Please keep those questions coming in. I especially love seeing and hearing any ideas you have inspired by the books. And I hope your chord dictionary grows big and fat with the help of the Chord Factory. My new book Fresh Music: Explorations with the Creative Workshop Ensemble for Musicians, Artists, and Teachers is presently on it’s way to the printer. Send me your e mail address so I can let you know when the book is available. My e mail address is:




CD: Dedications: Faces & Places with Bill Frisell

A fresh supply of the CD Dedications: Faces and Places is now available. The CD features Jon Damian along with Bill Frisell, Peter Kontrimas, Taylor Mclean, Bob Patton, Bob Nieske, John Voigt, Ralph Rosen, and Nat Mugavero. The album consists of Damian compositions penned for people and places in his life. The recording has Jon on both guitar and on his invention, the Rubbertellie. Contact Jon at if you would like to get a copy of Dedications: Faces and Places.