Jon Damian  

“Jon what are you doing?!”

“Jon what are you doing with that poor Rubbertellie!!” Visitors to my website have been curious about the opening photo of myself with the Rubbertellie. This was taken during a performance of Rubbertellie Murals at Gallery 119. In this piece I perform a musical piece as well as produce a painting, in this case a 20 foot-long mural. Technicians feed the blank “canvas” between the strings and fingerboard of the Rubbertellie moving it along as I literally grab globs of acrylic paint as I play the instrument. The sounds produced by the strings, and paper, are really fun to work with. There is some footage of Rubbertellie Murals on the documentary film Heavy Rubber: 30 Years in the Life of an Instrument: the Rubbertellie.