Jon Damian  

Rubbertellie in Action!

Having heard Jon’s Rubbertellie on Dedications: Faces and Places, his CD with Bill Frisell, folks are always curious about what the Rubbertellie actually is! What does it look like? Well there is a YouTube link that shows Rubbetellie in action with Jon playing Brother Sharpe, a cut from the Dedications CD. The concert performance was at Bishop’s University in Quebec, Canada.

Here is the link:   Jon Damian at The Guitar concert 2006

4 Responses to “ Rubbertellie in Action! ”

  1. bmiddlemissjr Says:

    Fantastic! The idea of prepared guitar always intrigues me! The electric guitar is just one instrument; but with a million other instruments hiding inside.

    Its fantastic to see the different applications and personal techniques that can be idiosyncratically developed with pursuing that first little *spark* of creativity!

    We’ve only begun to explore what is possible with music!

  2. bmiddlemissjr Says:

    Jon, your composition is very inspiring; thank you for recording it and making it available.

  3. Jon Damian Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. Jon Damian Says:

    I am happy that you are enjoying my instrument, the Rubbertellie. I was recently a guest in Australia where I produced 12 “Rubbertellie Murals.” The Rubbertellie is a creative world unto itself.

    I am available to do Creative Workshops/Performances on Guitar and Rubbertellie and for musicians of all persuasions and instruments.

    Contact me if you wish.


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